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The Goodix Health Products Family is Expanding

Time : 2023-05-12

Source : Goodix

Goodix Technology has recently announced new health sensors: the GH3300 and GH7339 series, targeting the growing smart wearable and medical device markets. The new products integrate PPG, ECG, Bio-Z, temperature and other vital signs monitoring, improve adaptability to more complex scenarios, and enhance user experience with superior performance, ushering in the evolution of wearable health monitoring.

High integration, making a full-featured health guard

In the post-epidemic era, the concept of active health management is already deeply ingrained in people's minds. All-day monitoring and richer vital sign sensing functions have become essential in health management. With the help of highly integrated health sensors, wearable devices such as smart watches and wristbands have evolved into "clinics on the wrist" for all-around health care. The "all-in-one" integration tests the performance of health sensors using a variety of metrics, including detection accuracy, power consumption and miniaturization. 

Benefit from the strong R&D capabilities, Goodix has greatly improved the quality of signal monitoring in its new series of health sensors in the ultra-small package size of 2.6 mm * 2.6 mm, ensuring accurate measurement of PPG (Photoplethysmo graphy), ECG (electrocardiogram), BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis), EDA ( electrodermal activity) and other types of vital signs.

In addition, the new series of products can accommodate up to 16 independent LED driver channels, and enable up to 64 optical path designs with low power consumption in combination with 4 independent high-precision RX channels, further enhancing the richness and accuracy of signal collection, and helping customers achieve more flexible optical path layout.



High accuracy, and 24/7 service for you 

The first-ever addition of the BIA measuring function carries on the high-precision features of the Goodix health products family. To obtain accurate body composition data, such as body fat percentage, the GH3300 series of Goodix adopts the Kelvin (4-wire) measurement scheme, which effectively reduces the impact of contact impedance on measurement accuracy. The low-noise EDA link of GH3300 has extremely high resolution and excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance ensures accurate reflection of emotional stress states. 

In addition, the smart wearable industry has always faced the challenge of ensuring accurate monitoring in extreme environments, such as bright light and low temperatures. The new series of health sensors are optimized by AFE circuit design, with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 110 dB and excellent background light rejection (BGR) performance, greatly improving accuracy in conditions such as strong light, dark skin, and loose wearing which severely affected the quality of PPG signals collected by photoelectric reflection, and further, interfere with the measurement accuracy of heart rate and blood oxygen. The new health sensors' ECG supports the use of dry electrodes while increasing the input impedance to 10 GΩ ensuring superior performance under low temperature and dry skin conditions. It also supports AC/DC lead detecting and meets medical certification standards. 


If you are interested in learning more about the advantageous features and innovative applications of Goodix's health sensors, please subscribe to Goodix Technology's YouTube channel, where the keynote speech of "Safeguard Your Health Through Innovation" are now available online!

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