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Goodix's Automotive Audio Solutions Empower Future Driving Experiences

Time : 2023-06-06

Source : Goodix

On Jun6, 2023, the 9th International Automotive NVH Technology and Acoustic System Industry Summit Forum & Exhibition was held in Suzhou, focusing on future driving experiences. During the forum, Goodix showcased a comprehensive set of automotive audio solutions, in an immersive way, and delivered a keynote speech, highlighting Goodix's strategic insight to drive continuous innovations in voice and audio enhancements for the automotive industry.

▌Innovative acoustic technology leads the advancement of smart cockpit experiences

Goodix showcased its cutting-edge technologies at the event through immersive in-vehicle scenarios, highlighting the leading technical capabilities in voice enhancement, echo cancellation, and noise reduction. 

Goodix's CarVoice VR-ECNR enhancement algorithm has enabled visitors to quickly activate the infotainment system even in a noisy environment by giving keyword commands in a low voice. The CarVoice BT-ECNR algorithm has been instrumental in enhancing voice quality by eliminating echoes and reducing noise interference. The CarVoice ICC algorithm facilitates premium in-vehicle communication between drivers and passengers, thereby ensuring driving safety by enabling the driver to pay attention to the traffic.

The CarSound algorithm provided the audience with high-quality, three-dimensional sound in the cabin by upmixing stereo input to multi-channel output. The in-car karaoke feature garnered significant interest from attendees. The advanced audio technology used in CarSound's Karaoke includes dynamic balance and vocal reverberation, enabling users to enjoy singing to their favorite tunes anytime, anywhere.

▌Goodix's algorithms enable the automotive industry to provide innovative multimedia experiences

The automotive acoustics market is experiencing continuous growth and upgrades due to the rising consumers' demand for personalized driving experiences and human-machine interaction. Simultaneously, there is a trend towards the digitization and increased intelligence of automotive acoustics systems. According to the Gasgoo Automotive Research Institute, the global automotive acoustics system market is expected to exceed 12.8 billion US dollars by 2025.


Starting with the deep integration of hardware and software, Goodix has been developing a comprehensive set of automotive audio solutions that integrate hardware such as car audio amplifiers and software such as speech processing, sound processing, and active noise reduction. These solutions help to create a more intelligent and enjoyable experience. With its flexible and reliable integration, the audio software solution supports mainstream SoC and various DSP platforms, effectively reducing the system cost. The one-stop solution supports customers in shortening product development cycles. Currently, the CarVoice solution, with its advantages of low resource consumption and stable performance, has been successfully commercialized by multiple mainstream car brands such as Hyundai, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Chery, and GAC, as well as solution suppliers.

"The automotive electronics market is a strategic market for Goodix," said Dr. Yuqing Yang, Senior Vice President, Multimedia Solutions and Home Audio BU Head of Goodix. "Our global R&D team has many experts in the field of audio technology with years of experience. Goodix has a large patent portfolio, and we are confident we will continue to build a world-class audio product portfolio across software and hardware domains to support our global automotive customers' growth."

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