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Goodix Launches Its Latest Automotive-Grade Bluetooth LE SoC and CGM Solutions at electronica China 2024

Time : 2024-07-08

Source : Goodix

Catering to the evolving trends in healthcare and automotive electronics sectors, Goodix continues to innovate in sensing and wireless technology with the launch of its latest products. On July 8th, Goodix prominently featured its Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) solutions and automotive-grade Bluetooth LE SoC at the electronica China 2024. Additionally, the company showcased a diverse array of commercial achievements, leveraging its innovative product portfolio to accelerate the deployment of emerging applications across the industry.

Let's explore the key exhibits from Goodix at this event:

Highlight 1: One-Stop CGM Solutions for More Convenient Health Management

Incorporating blood glucose monitoring into compact and portable smart wearable devices is becoming a major trend. The application provides real-time, convenient, and accurate data reports and health guidance for people monitoring their blood sugar levels. According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global CGM device market size was approximately $4.6 billion in 2023, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 7.19% from 2024 to 2030. Targeting this emerging market, Goodix launched a one-stop solution featuring a Bluetooth LE SoC and an electrochemical Analog Front-end (AFE). This solution enables CGM products in achieving high precision, long battery life, compact design, reducing the time to market for product development. 

The AFE supports electrochemical applications with up to four electrodes and offers current detection accuracy up to one-thousandth. It also includes temperature measurement and electrode anomaly detection for enhanced functionality. The Bluetooth LE SoC, developed for CGM applications, features multiple customized functions such as integrated a low-power switch to reduce energy consumption during ship mode. The SoC supports a wide input voltage range (1.2V-3.6V) to meet diverse product requirements. Through outstanding low-power IC design and system optimization, this solution ensures long battery life. The ultra-small chip size with the simple BOM allows for a more compact design and lighter, more comfortable wear.

Highlight 2: Automotive-Grade Bluetooth LE SoC Empowering Emerging In-Vehicle Wireless Applications

The rapidly evolving Bluetooth technology is swiftly driving the adoption of emerging applications such as digital car keys, tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS), and wireless battery management, becoming a powerful force in building a connected vehicle ecosystem. At the exhibition, Goodix introduced the GR5405, its automotive-grade Bluetooth LE SoC compliant with the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 standard. With exceptional RF and low-power consumption, rich peripheral resources, and Bluetooth LE link sniffer solution, GR5405 brings a range of new features and functionalities to automotive wireless applications, meeting the demands for comfortability, reliability and safety.

For digital key system applications, Goodix will soon launch a product series supporting the latest Bluetooth Channel Sounding standards. This series focuses on higher integration and enhanced security, accelerating the development and market launch of customer products.

Goodix also showcased the extensive commercial achievements of its Bluetooth products in the IoT field, along with innovative health applications for personal healthcare and smart wearables. Welcome to visit Goodix's booth at electronica China (Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Hall E4, Booth 4915) to engage with us and explore more exciting innovations!

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