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Goodix Technology Achieves ISO 26262 ASIL-D Certification for Functional Safety in Automotive Solutions

Time : 2024-07-09

Source : Goodix

Goodix Technology recently announced that it has received the ISO 26262:2018 automotive functional safety ASIL-D process certification from SGS, a globally renowned testing, inspection, and certification company. This certification signifies that Goodix has successfully established a product development and management process system that meets the industry's highest "ASIL D" level for functional safety.

Being a globally recognized automotive functional safety standard, ISO 26262 serves as one of the key requirements for global electronic component suppliers seeking entry into the automotive sector. Goodix closely collaborated with SGS expert team, integrating the company's existing processes to establish a comprehensive, full-lifecycle functional safety standard development process. This process covers critical aspects such as the management of functional safety, chip architecture design, product development at hardware and software level, supporting processes, safety analysis, and product release, enhancing the professional management of product development and functional teams.

Goodix has been dedicated to the automotive electronics market for years, continually expanding its range of automotive products, including touch controllers, fingerprint sensors, audio, Bluetooth, and security solutions, leading the innovation trend in human-vehicle interaction. Goodix's automotive-grade touch and fingerprint products have met the stringent reliability requirements of the AEC-Q 100 standard and been widely adopted by numerous renowned car brands globally. Achieving this certification marks a significant milestone in Goodix's journey within the automotive electronics sector. Looking ahead, Goodix will intensify its focus on process and quality management, dedicating efforts to the development of safer, more reliable automotive-grade chips, and comprehensive hardware and software solutions. These advancements will support the ongoing evolution of automotive intelligence and connectivity, delivering an enhanced driving experience that prioritizes safety and convenience for consumers.

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