ARKAMYS, GOODIX & NXP Collaborate to Provide A Pre-Integrated Audio and Voice Solution

Time : 2023-01-04

Source : ARKAMYS

Highly improved radio, audio and voice solutions for automotive infotainment applications

ARKAMYS, Goodix and NXP® Semiconductors collaborate to provide a full software package with embedded ECNR, voice and SoundStage audio solutions to enhance user experience. The package is pre-integrated, improving software robustness, productivity, and time-to-market for Tier1s and OEMs.


ARKAMYS SoundStage is a modular and scalable software solution that improves in-vehicle audio quality and offers an immersive listening experience using the existing built-in speakers of the vehicle. ARKAMYS ported its SoundStage software solutions on the NXP SAF776x IC family using the HiFi 3 audio DSP core and integrated the compatibility with its powerful tuning tool. ARKAMYS solutions are already widely adopted by several domestic and JV OEMs in China.

The SAF776x IC is produced with RFCMOS technology, offering >700 MHz radio processing and >450 MHz audio processing in dedicated E7a DSPs. It allows high-class performance for mid-range and high-end car infotainment systems:

• Excellent AM/FM Performance

• Core audio processing integrated

• Highly flexible audio routing from multiple inputs to multiple outputs, digital and analog signals

• Open Audio DSP for advanced audio functions

“Infotainment plays a vital role in automotive user experience and audio solutions are a big part of it. We are pleased to work together with Arkamys and Goodix to enable state-of-the-art sound experience based on NXP’s SAF776x radio and audio chipset. With an open core HiFi3 audio DSP we provide our customers the flexibility to implement their preferred audio algorithms in a single chip,” said Nik Dimitrakopoulos, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Infotainment at NXP.

Goodix CarVoice, the high-quality voice enhancement software solution for automotive, significantly improves voice quality for in-car hands-free calls by removing echo, reducing unwanted car noises and improving speech intelligibility. Created by Goodix, the solution is based on market leading voice enhancement technology originally designed for the fast-paced mobile market, but now adapted to suit automotive needs.  Goodix CarVoice is known for its robust performance, maintaining excellent voice quality in the most difficult acoustical environments and this with a modest resource footprint.  The solution is fully certified (P.1100, P.1110, P.1150) and now available on NXP’s SAF776x.

“It's exciting to see how we can fit both high quality audio playback enhancements and high-quality voice calling enhancements on this platform” says Dr. YuQing Yang, SVP, Multimedia Solutions and Home Audio BU Head of Goodix.  “I believe end users will absolutely enjoy the experience this product brings.”

“This cooperation is a key milestone for infotainment users. NXP, Goodix and Arkamys will enable powerful radio, high quality voice and immersive audio solutions within one platform” says Guillaume Luiggi, CEO of Arkamys. “It will drastically ease and reduce integration time to market for Tier1s and car OEMs.”

ABOUT ARKAMYS A leader in audio signal processing, ARKAMYS creates innovative software solutions for the automotive and is recognized for its expertise in 3D sound and audio rendering. The company develops innovative solutions to optimize audio quality and spatialization in car cabins. ARKAMYS’ solutions equip 1 in 2 vehicles of the volume carmakers in Europe and continues to deliver exciting new audio technologies across the globe, expanding its reputation over the past 22 years.

ABOUT Goodix Goodix Technology (603160.SH) is an integrated solution provider for applications based on IC design and software development offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions for smart devices, IoT applications, and automotive electronics. Goodix serves hundreds of millions of global consumers with quality products and solutions via renowned brands, and is recognized as a leading IC design and solution provider that empowers a connected, intelligent world.

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