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Bluetooth 5.1: Innovations toward a Future IoT Network——Goodix Debuts the Latest Bluetooth Low Energy Product at Bluetooth Asia 2019 as Part of Strategic IoT Deployment

Time : 2019-05-23

Source : Goodix

Shenzhen, China, May 23 rd, 2019 – Goodix, a global IC design leader, is exhibiting at Bluetooth Asia 2019 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 23 rd to 24 thwith the debut of Bluetooth System-on-Chip (SoC) series GR551x and demonstration of various innovative applications based upon. The release marks another milestone of Goodix’s progress in strategic IoT deployment after the continuous success in the mobile market, and emphasizes its commitment to become a leading comprehensive and innovative semiconductor provider.



Goodix has been investing in research and development in the IoT field for three years, and has thus far accumulated solid technical reserve with a veteran, professional, and innovative R&D team in RF (radio frequency) and analog circuit design. With long-term investment and devotion, Goodix is establishing a comprehensive IoT platform built upon the core functions of sensor, data processing, wireless transmission, and security, dedicated to provide customers with world-class semiconductor hardware and software solutions and consumers with more splendid and convenient experiences in all things connected.



As an essential part of the technologies for wireless transmission and an important part of the IoT industrial chain, Bluetooth Low Energy provides innovative application support for interoperability between devices. The GR551x launched today is a series of SoCs of high performance and low power consumption that can be implemented in a wide range of smart mobile devices, wearables and IoT applications. The series is delivered aligning with Goodix’s high standard of product performance and quality, and has achieved comprehensive industry-leading performances in terms of RF, integration, and safety, injecting new innovation momentum into the evolution of IoT applications. GR551x’s leading features include:

·     ARM Cortex-M4 processor, 256KB RAM, and 8Mbit Flash for massive IoT applications

·     Industry-leading ultra-low power RF

·     Bluetooth 5.1 of long-distance and high-speed with mesh network capabilities

·     Comprehensive data security: firmware encryption and on-chip real-time decryption

·     High payload throughout to support faster OTA (over-the-air), clearer audio, and higher image frame rates.


Goodix also provides a powerful yet easy-to-use comprehensive development tool chain, a professional on-site technical support team, and an online developer community to help customers overcome technological challenges in product development with advanced technologies and innovative solutions, therefore shorten the development cycles.


At Bluetooth Asia 2019, Goodix demonstrates various innovative applications based on the GR551x series, including smart wearables, smart toys, smart home, smart building, Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking, and products integrated with innovative sensors (including heart rate sensors and in-ear detection sensors), as well as complete Bluetooth product hardware and software development kits. Goodix’s chief RF expert Mr. Janakan Siva delivers his keynote speech on the topic of Bluetooth 5.1 at the conference, expounding the latest progress of Bluetooth Low Energy technology and the unique values it brings to IoT applications.


The GR551x series is expecting mass production in the third quarter of 2019. Supported by the strategic layout and innovative product portfolio of the integrated IoT platform, Goodix will stay on top of the latest industry standards in real time, provide system-level Bluetooth Low Energy solutions with unique values, accelerate the innovations toward a future IoT network, and ignite the beauty of the Internet of Everything.


Welcome to join us at Hall 5, Booth #16 in experiencing the most advanced Bluetooth Low Energy applications all brought to you by Goodix!


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